Chronic Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your office work is heavily influenced by precise hand movements. These kind of movements demand high muscle co-contraction, usually within a deviated wrist position. Doing this for almost 8 hours straight brings you painfully close to health issues.

Understanding why it hurts

Long lasting muscle contraction and quick repetitive movements without sufficient resting periods tend to take a toll on tissue. Inflamation will make the same movements painful, causing even higher discomfort as you're trying to endure, ignoring the pain. Continuing with this and not taking care of it in the upcoming days and weeks will persistently increase the chance of developing chronic pain. Once chronic, the neurological background shifts significantly, making your healing an extremely tough nut.

On the other hand, simple and minor adjustments could make things much better before it's too late. Try the tips below whether you're trying to prevent or treat wrist pain.
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How to resolve or ease the pain

1. Try to minimize elevation of your palms while using keyboard.
Do this by folding and not using the keyboard feet. They are often described as ergonomic, while actually being the complete opposite.

2. Minimize elevation of your palm while using computer mouse.
Do this by avoiding big and chunky mouses (unless they are vertically aligned - often known as ergonomic mouse) that take up your entire palm. On the other hand, do not use very flat and small mouse that requires your palm to pinch even more. Whichever mouse you choose, always combine it with a wrist pad, designed to minimize flexion of your wrist. This will lower the burden on your wrist, allowing it to move and rest relaxingly.

3. Stay gentle and fluent while typing, clicking or searching.
This will lower the muscle co-contraction around wrist, therefore reducing the chance of tissue inflamation.

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