Elevate your productivity in style


Health shaker.
Difference maker.

Supercharge yourself through the day and take your productivity to the next level. With two reliable motors the Model Two delivers a height change of 65 centimetres in a matter of seconds. Combined with the stunning Riser, Alcantara Desk Mat and all the accessories you need, it will help you shake up your office routine and feel the difference.
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Choose your style.
Sit for a while.

Designed to help you hold the perfect sitting position for a long long time. Model S is available in multiple colours - even the ugly ones, if you want to annoy your coworkers. Regardless of this all of the colours have the same features, from adjusting the sitting depth to armrest height and more.

Why ergonomics?
See the health risks of not working in an ergonomic environment.

Studies show that your sedentary work results in pain, affects your overall life quality and shortens your lifespan. Way too much, to just sit tight and let that happen. Currently available products mitigating risks of office work are usually far from being as ergonomic as stated. This is primarily due to products being universal, not considering your very own anatomical measures and office setup, as well as lack of instructions on proper use.
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Which Dokk product is right for you?
Ask Dokky.

Simple. Ask Dokky. World’s first smart ergonomic assistant. By answering a few questions, Dokky will provide you with personalized recommendations to reduce pain, increase comfort, boost productivity and efficency. Let's get started and improved together! START NOW

No more
neck pain.

Raise your laptop and rest your neck. Riser will bring your laptop screen closer to your eye level, which helps preventing neck pain. Available in two different heights, Riser is completely Europe-made from solid oak wood and metal. You'll find a best suit for your setup with it's three different colours. Fusing modern, yet traditional and sturdy design, Riser will become your best office companion. SEE MORE

Work with a smile.

Say goodbye to long painful hours at the office. Brake the barriers of typical office workspace and do the job your way. Model Y is designed to take your work to new places. Comfortably work from your sofa or even bed - simply blur your background, pop out Model Y and have that meeting right in your bed.
Model Y also does the job on your desk. It elevates your laptop to achieve a more ergonomic position.

Alcantara Desk Mat and Model Two.

Simply stunning.

Elegance and feel. Alcantara Desk Mat is the perfect companion for Model Two with the Premium Oak board. It adds a soft and cozy feeling to the sturdy wood texture. It elevates the entire design of the desk and adds a splash of richness to your setup. Functionality. At this point, there is no real need to mention the functionality of our Model Two. It encourages you to have a more dynamic workspace and it gives you options. You can sit or stand at different heights. Just set it up how it suits you the best.

Fast. Quiet.


All day.


working cycles

120 kg

lifting capacity

30 mm/s

lifting speed

60 - 125 cm

lifting range

Work without compromises.

Office is usually not the healthiest space to be stuck in all day. Working long hours behind a computer screen, sitting in an uncomfortable chair became a pain. Through this awful experience an idea was born. Why not make the office a better, healthier place? Why not make office work more dynamic?

With our medical background and real-life experience, we started to tackle this problem. Our mission became simple; to improve offices all around the world. Making the office healthier and more dynamic. Finding the right equipment and making it as efficient as possible. Each body is unique. We all have our own unique positions where we feel the best. Own preferences by which we work optimal. That's why we strive to deliver unique for each. Apply our personalization, design and innovations to your office. Work better. Be healthier.

Through the eyes of
our customers.

The human touch.

When was the last time you bought a local-made product? Have you ever thought about the impact your purchasing decisions may have? Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. Local businesses are not just faceless corporations; they are personal and care about their customers with each decision they make. They take pride in their work and put hearts and souls into everything they do.

We at Dokk care. That’s why the vast majority of our products are made locally and by hand. We selected a handful of companies that are the best at what they do. Handcrafting our products to perfection. Making each new a unique experience.