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Setting up a caring work climate is a proven method of getting more out of your workforce. Ergonomic office optimization is an unmatchable human resource tool, boosting workforce productivity and reducing sick-leave periods within your company. You'll profit short and long term, benefiting with employee's satisfaction and lasting high efficiency rates.

Facilitate productivity

Facilitate productivity by ensuring optimal working conditions. Negative effects of prolonged static body positions are well studied, ranging within decreased mobility and local blood flow, worsening of hormonal balance as well as gradual increase in discomfort perception. Combined with undesirable position of specific body segments that are proven to impact the onset of pain, posture steadiness multiplies the chance of things getting painfully bad.

On the other hand, few minor adjustments can get things going in the right direction – ensuring comfort, maintaining dynamics and directing attention where needed.


Enhance long-term efficiency

By mitigating risks of pain episodes you can easily enhance long-term efficency in your company. Short term pain experience is bad itself, but the heaviest toll arises with time. Lack of appropriate response to pain onset drastically increases the chance of it becoming persistent. In fact, current epidemiologic studies show that one in every four office workers develops life-long pain episodes, which significantly impact their life-quality.

Efficiency of managing acute versus chronic pain is even more evident. Neurological shifts that are dictating lasting pain episodes make treating chronic pain incomparably more demanding - effectiveness and cost-wise. The take-away message is clear. Prevention yields the highest return on investment. Reduce the probability of things getting bad by optimizing the workspace at the right time.

Reduce sick-leave

through proven and science-based methods. Sectors marked by prolonged sitting and computer work indicate high musculo-skeletal disorder prevalence. In many cases, preventing only one sick-leave period would compensate for the investment on workspace optimization of the entire team!
We strongly suggest you perform a quick absenteeism analysis and get to know the hidden costs of your work process. We encourage you to get in touch with us for full support with sick-leave data sourcing and analysis.

Gain reputation

while setting new sector standards in employee care. Give your team a feeling of being valued, needed and taken care of. Let them do their best in an optimal environment without compromising on health perspective. Lead by example, foster the process and earn the results.

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